Paediatric Dentistry

Healthy teeth begin with a healthy foundation (Periodontium or Gum Line).

At Care32 Dental Centre, we love children and it shows from our state-of-the-art equipment to the warm, child-friendly touches in our specialized Pediatric Wing. When children walk in, they cannot help but smile as they look around at the friendly soft toys, teddy bear height chart and colourful cartoon wall. Even the most particular parents bring their children to our clinic because they trust our approach - we place an emphasis on good oral health in general and prevention in particular with the most advanced diagnostic, sterilization and treatment technology available. Personalized service with uncompromising excellence coupled with our warm and compassionate approach keeps patients returning and recommendations flowing.

Regular check-ups at monthly intervals allow us to suggest preventive measures to ward off dental disease, and also offer minimally invasive painless solutions for any minor dental concerns we may detect. We teach children how to care for their teeth well which establishes good lifelong oral hygiene habits. Please call our office and visit if you'd like - we welcome queries from new patients and answer them thoughtfully. Our helpful and informative staff members enjoy having any opportunity to interact with children, so you'll make their day if you visit. At Care32 Dental Centre, instead of worrying about having a child who is afraid to visit the dentist, you may have to wonder about how to convince your child to leave once the appointment is over!

Dr. Diptesh Mutha, our in house Paediatric Dentist strives at making every child’s dental visits as painless and fun filled as possible.